Upload Shape

To upload a shape, use the browse buttons below to navigate to the location of the three essential elements of a shape file on your computer: the shp, dbf and shx files. On the successful processing of your shape files, you will be redirected to our map shop for their display and to enable your further use of them.

The upload process can accept multiple polygons and/or lines. Donuts can be uploaded, but only the outer ring will be maintained. Please do not use lines or polygons that intersect themselves, as according to OGC standards and our processing systems, such shapes are invalid.
Please note: There is no mechanism to allow us to prepopulate the other two elements of a shapefile, based on the first one that you input. This restriction is built into browsers and exists for security reasons, as this process has access to your filesystem and prepopulating fields could be used by a malicious attacker to steal data from your computer.

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