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  • UPRNs - not new but in the news

    We're seeing UPRNs being referenced more frequently in the mainstream media. Lee Williams discusses the value of the Unique Property Reference Number

  • Subsidence claims are up - so what can insurers do?

    Subsidence still represents around 4% of all claims per annum, which in real terms is between £110 million and £120 million every year – so the question is, can insurers do anything to help combat this problem?

  • Who knew, Coldplay are the kings of geo?

    It’s the X&Y of things that connects people, places and processes. CEO James Cutler ponders whether there's more to it than that...

  • emapsite on the move....

    Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to Farnborough we go...

  • emapsite approved for Government's Digital Marketplace

    emapsite has been selected as an approved supplier on the latest version of the Government's G-Cloud services framework

  • Where is the where in the NIA?

    emapsite CEO James Cutler looks at the 'geo' (or lack of) in the National Infrastructure Assessment published today.

  • OS MasterMap Detailed Mapping

    OS MasterMap Announcement by Geospatial Commission

    At emapsite, we always welcome better access to information that can help our customers drive the economy forward. Today’s announcement by the Geospatial Commission on the opening up of OS MasterMap signals a long-term commitment to helping everyone get more value from mapping and location data.

  • Changing the landscape of insurance

    Insurers: imagine discovering there’s a more cost-effective way to increase your competitive edge, while at the same time reducing your exposure to risk. Forget the advent of innovative fintech; don’t worry about pay-as-you-go pricing; just think what your bottom line would look like if actuarial teams’ insights were, say, 2% more accurate in predicting the likelihood of claims across a multi-billion pound book of insurance.

  • New data product adds clarity to Plus Dane's management of housing stock

    Plus Dane Housing Association has been working together with data provider emapsite to assist in the creation of an innovative data product to use for asset management of their housing stock.

  • emapsite team takes on the Windsor Half-Marathon

    A visit to the emapsite offices will confirm a number of things - we know an awful lot about location data, we like having fun and we have a serious cake habit!

  • emapsite celebrates listing on Government's Digital Marketplace

    We're pleased to announce that the UK Government has approved emapsite in the latest version of the G-Cloud services framework.

  • Christmas Opening Hours

    Our website continues to be available for standard orders and downloads throughout the holiday period. Customer support is available as follows:

  • Leica Geosystems and emapsite announce new strategic partnership

    Leica Geosystems and emapsite announced today a strategic partnership which launches an industry-first subscription service to Ordnance Survey flagship product, OS MasterMap, available exclusively on the Leica Zeno 20 high accuracy field data collector.